Custom Photo vs. Imprinted

Whether a beautiful pre-designed calendar, professionally imprinted with your logo and branding, or something custom crafted to convey your message, personalized calendars are a great way to say thank you to your valued supporters and will continue to be enjoyed all year long!

Custom Photo Calendars

Personalize our custom photo calendars with your supplied copy/text, photo(s) and graphic(s). Standard grids are included, but you are welcome to provide your own customized grids as well. For the best print quality, reference both Preferred Art Files and Bleeds & Margins on the Artwork Guidelines and Requirements page.

It’s a blank canvas:
  • Your Photos and Graphics/Art
  • Your Copy/Text
  • Custom Date Grids (not required)
  • Customize from our template

And this product is always in stock!

Standard/Default Template

Custom Calendar

Completely Custom

Standard Imprinted Calendars

Personalize our standard pre-designed calendars with your custom imprint and make it your own! Ready-to-print pictures and grids are included with the product; all that’s needed is your custom imprint, which can include text/copy, logo(s), photo(s), and layout instructions to your preference. For the best print quality, reference Preferred Art Files, Imprint Color Options, and Bleeds & Margins on the Artwork Guidelines and Requirements page when including graphics and images.

No graphic design software? 

No worries — simply use Microsoft Word or Google Docs and type out what you would like to present, then save it and send us a copy. We will layout your imprint and send a proof back to you for your review.

Included with Standard Imprint products:
  • Pre-designed
  • Ready for Your Imprint
  • Non-Customized Date Grids
  • Inventory Estimated to sellout by mid-December