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Design+ Custom Photo Calendar Setup Information


Starting from scratch, our Custom Photo Calendar products are essentially a blank canvas, able to be fully customized, which sets them apart from the bulk of our other imprintable calendars.  This flexibility opens the door to your creativity, giving you the ability to expand your brand recognition and communicate your unique message.  We accept print-ready calendar documents produced by professional designers using Adobe InDesign, and can print their designs as-is. Are you lacking professional design skills? Don't worry, we are here to help!  Starting with our standard custom calendar templates, we offer an array of basic customization options to help non-designers create an impressive photo calendar of their own.  And for those needing any additional assitance, we can help with those special requests as well.    

Following is an overview of what is included standard, and what is considered a premium service.  If you are looking for a service not listed below, or have general questions, please call us at (978) 410-5152.

Basic Standard Template Setup (Free/Included):

  • Initial calendar setup with emailed PDF proof for review, 1 round of revisions followed by 2nd PDF proof 
  • Placement of your print ready image(s) into our standard template
  • Photo cropping/resizing 
  • Photographer credits (1 line, black or white text)
  • Placement of your advertising imprint
  • Font color & style option  
  • Date block overprinting (up to 30 custom/special event date entries)
  • Custom background/date grid color option
  • Phantom logo overprint/watermark option
  • Alternative academic year setup (beginning in August)
  • OR supply your own complete, print-ready PDF document for as-is printing at no extra cost  

Custom Calendar Design Beyond Basic Setup


Billing Rate:  $120.00/Hour (quoted in 15-minute increments)

Graphic design requests exceeding what is included in our free, standard basic setup service will incur an additional design fee. Any order requiring additional graphic design services will be placed On-Hold while our graphics team produces a custom price estimate, based on the time involved to complete the desired design task. Clients must approve custom design estimates before we can proceed with custom design requests. There are no additional design fees beyond those stated in our custom estimates.

Premium Setup Options (Price Estimate Required):

Custom Layouts/Design Themes

We can work with you to develop a custom design theme based on your existing branding and assist in applying those formatting and design accents throughout your calendar. You may use custom monthly image and date grid layouts, photo captions, and infographics to highlight your message!

Variable Date Grids and Ad Imprints

Make each month grid unique by coordinating the colors, fonts and grid layout with that month's photo and ad imprint. This is a great way to add a personal touch, call attention to seasonal activities or promotions, and set your brand message apart. Clients often utilize the variable ad imprint design to feature a different product, service or co-op supplier on each monthly page. It's a great way to recognize your calendar fundraiser donors and sponsors, or call attention to customer testimonials. 

Non-Standard Date Grid Options
  • Non-Standard Calendar Starting Month
  • Julian Date Inclusion
  • Week Number Inclusion
  • Non-Standard Date Block Overprint (beyond the 30-included custom dates)
Bilingual Grid Options

English/Spanish or English/French

Custom Front & Back Cover Design Setup

Custom Front & Back Cover Design Setup

Image Layouts and Photo Editing
  • Collage/Montages Setup
  • Low Resolution Photo Solutions
(We cannot improve your submitted photo quality, but we can incorporate border, background, mock frame and other design elements to allow the photo to be used at a smaller size with higher resolution.)
Logo Design/Edits/Redrawing

Logo Design/Edits/Redrawing