Shipping Information

We offer Free Ground Shipping to one (1) location within the US48 on all advertised prices. We will utilize FedEx or UPS ground service at our discretion; bulk palletized orders (dock required) may utilize an alternate carrier.

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Exceptions To Free Shipping Offer

While nearly all orders ship for free, occasional circumstances will arise that will require us to place an order on hold while a custom price quote is prepared and provided for review and approval.  Here are several possible exception examples:

  • Destination is outside the contiguous US48 States
  • No loading dock available for bulk palletized order
  • Reshipments due to initial non-delivery
  • Human pricing error

It is our goal to always offer simple, all-inclusive pricing and then to honor it without surprising additional costs. We will NEVER charge our clients unauthorized or undisclosed shipping and/or setup fees.

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Express Shipping Options

Due to the size and weight of most calendars, next-day or 2-day express shipping is typically cost prohibitive. A rule of thumb is to assume about 60% of product cost for 2-day express service, with next day shipping costs surpassing calendar cost. While this varies, it can be a helpful guide. Please contact our office directly for a custom price estimate including express shipping.          

USPS Priority Mail (Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico)

We trust the United States Postal Service for shipping calendars to our clients in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. While foregoing tracking convenience, this is a reliable and affordable calendar shipping option. Delivery time is typically within 1-2 weeks, however, it can sometimes take longer, especially druing holiday periods when mail volume is heavier.  For premium mailing or Fedex and/or UPS delivery options, please contact us for pricing and delivery timeframes.

Outside the United States

After you have selected your calendar(s) of interest and the required quantity, please contact us. We will discuss ordering options and supply you with a custom price estimate if possible.

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