Mailing Services

Full calendar mailing services — direct to your clients — are available on most of our standard and custom business calendars. Refer to your specific calendar's product specification tab for mailing service availability and product group information. A formal custom price estimate is required on all calendar orders that include mailing services.
graphic highlighting bulk calendar mailing service steps

Pricing Information

Pricing for a calendar order including mailing service is comprised of 3 parts:

1)  Printed goods — calendars & envelopes w/imprinting & inserting
2)  Mail processing — varies by group (see below)
3)  Postage — rates included in price estimate


Includes: Mail list clean-up, addressing, sorting/stacking, bulk mail preparation with delivery to Post Office. All supplied mail lists will be processed through current USPS address-matching software for the most efficient mailing of your product.

POSTAGE (USPS Bulk & First-Class Mail)

Your custom price estimate will include your rate for USPS postage for your specific calendars. Price estimates including postage are valid for 30 days. Offered for mailings within the United States only. PREPAYMENT IS REQUIRED BY CHECK ON ALL BULK & FIRST- CLASS MAIL POSTAGE AMOUNTS. We follow U.S. Postal regulations, and shipments must meet all postal requirements. Bulk mail typically takes 1-3 weeks for delivery whereas First-Class will take 3-5 business days. 

Your customer address list must be supplied in electronic spreadsheet format, in CSV or XLS format. Please setup spreadsheet columns as follows:

Your final customer address list must be provided at time of order placement.  


Save time and avoid the hassle of stuffing, licking and labeling. It's easy and surprisingly affordable! 

a)  Contact for a formal price estimate including mailing service 
b)  Place your order
c)  Supply an Excel spreadsheet containing your customer address list
d)  Let us print, insert, seal, address verify/sort, prepare and bulk mail for you.

It's really that simple. After choosing the calendar you desire, just contact us to get the process started.


Mailing Envelopes vs. Tubes/Wraps 

Calendars utilizing mailing envelopes are considered 'flats' and are able to travel the postal system without much human intervention. This efficiency enables bulk mailing discounts for orders larger than 200 pieces or 50 lbs. Smaller quantity mailings will process at regular USPS First-Class rates.

Large-size calendars requiring mailing tubes or wraps are considered 'parcels' and thus don't qualify for bulk mail discounts and will be billed at regular USPS First-Class rates.

Still have questions? Contact us for more information about calendar mailing services.